icon Yi-Ning Huang
icon August 10th, 2022

New look, better experience, more tools, with a mission to empower professionals to succeed in their non-native-speaking workplace!

Two weeks ago, we launched MicMentor v2 with an improved mirroring experience and several new features:

Practice, don’t just mirroring

Use the built-in teleprompter to practice both your verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Anxious when you speak in front of a big crowd?

Try speaking to our imaginary audience when you practice!

Learn how to speak like a CEO with Talk with Tone

MicMentor is honored to work with the founder of Talk with Tone, Tony, a business English coach who has helped professionals from 43 countries speak English with confidence. He created a series of videos presenting shareholders letters from Fortune 500 companies focusing on intonation and pronunciation for MicMentor. You can now use his video series in the app to learn how to speak like a CEO using business terms that Fortune 500 CEOs use.
Learn more about Talk with Tone