Master your speaking and communication skills

Easily mirror pro speakers, practice to deliver your idea, and speak any language with confidence.


Learn from the best

Explore our international video collection of CEO interviews, comedian performances, and TedTalk speeches. Learn from the smoothest talkers out there.


Master different accents

Instantly pick up the vowel sounds. Refine and perfect your chosen accent or dialect by mirroring the public speaker or personality that inspires you most.


Increase your speaking confidence

You can take the MicMentor app with you anywhere. Continuously train and master your speaking skills, anytime and from any location.


Build a habit to practice consistently

Set weekly goals and track your progress. Earn achievements and badges. MicMentor is the ultimate new mobile coaching system to deliver fast results.

Best tool to practice and improve your speaking skills in one place!

  • Mirror influential speakers on YouTube. Learn how to present your ideas like a pro.
  • Keep track of your progress and cultivate habits through daily practice.
  • Speak to a customizable imaginary audience to reduce anxiety.
  • Use a recording tool with a teleprompter feature to practice your speech.
Get Started

Use Your Voice to Win People Over

Now you can hack public speaking and conversation as a non-native speaker with a simple and effective tool. Practice anytime, anywhere with MicMentor.

MicMentor isn’t a language learning app. It’s about helping you to communicate with confidence in your non-native workplace. You’re in the right place if you want to wow an audience, win a promotion or apply for that new position you’ve had your eye on.

You already know the language, but you sometimes have trouble presenting your ideas to managers and co-workers. That’s where MicMentor comes in. The app teaches you simple speech structures with clear messaging.

How Does It Work?

Learn from skilled speakers.

Mirror with expert speakers from YouTube and start speaking like anyone.


Choose Video

Choose a video of your favorite public speaker. Search for a specific thought leader, or explore our video collection.


Mark starting point

Decide the starting point of the video. You can hit Caption or use the timeline to scroll to your preferred starting time.


Mark ending point

Set the ending point of the video. Use the same methods to decide when the video should conclude.



Start Mirroring your chosen speaker. You will be sharpening your presentation in no time! Build your charisma and set goals to keep you motivated.

Ready to hear the difference?

You now have access to a public speaking and communication coach on your smartphone.

MicMentor’s Mirror Speaker helps you to improve your speaking skills faster than you ever thought possible. There is no need to book meetings or appointments. You learn at a time that is convenient for you, in any location, using our Android or iOS application.

Download the app today, and we look forward to meeting you soon.